James L. Hardemon

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James L. Hardemon was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and attended Chicago Vocational High School. He holds a Bachelor Degree from Roosevelt University with a concentration in Business Administration. He earned his Law Degree from DePaul University. Mr. Hardemon later joined the United States Naval Reserves where he served two years at sea on an aircraft carrier.

Mr. Hardemon worked full time while he attended both undergraduate and law school. He was able to complete law school in 2 1/2 years, graduating one year earlier than the rest of his class Mr. Hardemon has practiced law in every facet and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of civil, criminal and bankruptcy litigation. Mr. Hardemon has been in private practice for 23 years.

Mr. Hardemon and his wife Gloria Hardemon have been married for 28 years with two adult children. While raising a family and putting his children through college, Mr. Hardemon and his wife have established, New Day Realty & Management Company, one of the most successful real estate development businesses in Chicago since 1990.

Mr. Hardemon is active in civic and social affairs, having served as President of the Board of Directors of St. Mark Manor, a 3 1/2 million dollar senior citizen complex. In his capacity as President, as well as a long time member of St. Mark UMC he has not received monetary compensation in excess of 15 years.

Mr. Hardemon is also an active member of Southern Illinois University Minority Student Business Assistance Board.