What Type of Case is an $1,195 Case?

Simply put, an $1,195 case is one involving Chapter 7 where the client:

  • is below the median income for our area;
  • is not running a business;
  • has no assets that are in excess of what we can protect;
  • has not incurred any debt fraudulently; and
  • does not require any liens to be avoided from property.

It looks like a lot but don't worry, these are most of our clients. If this is your situation, then your attorney's fee will be $1,195. This does not include the court's filing fee ($335 for a chapter 7) or the fees for the two courses you must take as part of your bankruptcy (these typically run around $35 for both classes). If you do not fall into this category and still wish to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the fee may be more. It all depends on how much work we will have to perform on your case. Either way, as always, our consultations are free and we will quote you a fee after you sit down with us and we evaluate your case.

Okay, But What I am Getting for $1,195?

I file bankruptcies for honest people who are struggling with their finances. I know how much time is involved in each case I evaluate; this is how I base my fees. I'm not running a factory, a bankruptcy mill or something of that nature. I am a lawyer who is passionate about getting people out of debt and back on to the road to financial freedom. So, for $1,195, you get the same white-glove representation as my higher-fee clients get. You will always speak to an attorney when you call and you will always speak to your attorney. The attorney that you hire is the attorney you will be dealing with you from start to finish, including in court. You will not be speaking to a different attorney or clerk each time you call. If your attorney is not available, he or she will call you back immediately. I am a huge fan of continuity and I feel that speaking to the same person each time you call will achieve the greatest satisfaction for my clients.

Well, I Don't Qualify for an $1,195 Case. How Much Will My Fee Be?

We will quote you a fee at the free consultation. Our fees for other Chapter 7 cases are generally not that much more: usually $1,300 to $2,200. Again, it all depends on how much work we have to devote to your case. Our maximum fee for consumer chapter 7 cases is $2,200. As you might imagine, that type of case requires a significant amount of work. Again, the consultation is free, so you are under no obligation to hire us. Nevertheless, we will evaluate your case, let you know if bankruptcy is a good option for you and, if so, why. We will also explain the entire bankruptcy process and quote you a fee.

What are Your Fees for Chapter 13 Cases?

That's a little easier to explain. Our fees for all Chapter 13 cases are $4,500. Again, this does not include the court's filing fee ($310 for a Chapter 13) or the fees for the two courses you must take as part of your bankruptcy (again, around $35 for both). With Chapter 13 cases, we only require that you pay the court's filing fee ($310) to file your case. Your attorney's fees will be included in your Chapter 13 plan. Why $4,500? Well, this is the maximum amount that attorneys in our jurisdiction are allowed to charge in Chapter 13 cases without completing an itemized fee application for the court and for those attorneys, such as us, who use the court's approved retention agreement with their clients. Chapter 13 cases cost more because they require significantly more work than a typical Chapter 7 case. Additionally, we are your attorneys for the three to five year period your Chapter 13 case is pending whereas a typical Chapter 7 case, from filing to discharge, takes only about four months.

Please call our office should you have any questions or to schedule a in-person consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We are here to help.

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