Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Chicago, IL

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to help those individuals who have a steady income but still are unable to meet their current financial obligations. As someone who will be able to repay some of the debt they owe, this method allows you to restructure your debt through the courts and have it discharged within a set amount of time. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you must consult with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy attorney in the Chicago area prior to making any decisions.

At Law Offices of David Freydin, we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and worrisome. Most people don’t know anything about bankruptcy, how it works, how it will affect them, or whether they will they lose anything they have. By consulting with our caring and dedicated Chicago bankruptcy lawyers who are highly experienced in the area of bankruptcy law, we will provide you with answers and help you need.

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With our assistance, we will enable you to make an informed decision on what will be your best course of action. Because you have a steady income which will allow you to repay your debts, Chapter 13 will restructure your debt and allow you to pay off your outstanding debt within three to five years. However, in a Chapter 13, you may not have to pay all your debts in full and can still have them discharged!

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Each creditor in a Chapter 13 is separated into classes. The class each creditor is in determines how much they get paid. With our assistance, a list of all your debts and a Chapter 13 plan to pay them will be prepared. The Bankruptcy Court and Chapter 13 Trustee will have input in your Chapter 13 plan, but we will be at your side to protect your rights. Once your Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed with the court, all calls from collection agencies, law suits, garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions, and all other collection activities must stop, allowing you to begin the road to financial freedom.

Save your house! Homeowners may be able to save their homes with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Once we meet with you and obtain all of the information concerning your financial situation, a Chapter 13 plan to protect your home may be filed with the Bankruptcy Court. Having these options will allow you to once again get back on a stable financial footing and look forward to a bright future. Please contact us today for your free initial consultation. We are passionate about helping people resolve their financial problems.

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