Stopping Creditor Harassment in Chicago

What can you do about harassing creditors?

If you are receiving constant, threatening and harassing phone calls from creditors, there is something you can do about it. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has established laws delineating the guidelines debt collectors must follow when attempting to collect a debt. Specific types of collections methods are prohibited. These laws were put in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous collection agencies who take advantage of individuals who are ignorant of their rights.

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There are numerous legitimate ways that a debt collector may contact you, including in person, by mail, telephone, telegram, or fax. However, they are restricted from contacting you any time before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. Although a debt collector may call you at work once, if you advise him to not contact you there again, they are forbidden to do so. They also must stop contacting you if you request them to do so, either verbally or preferably in writing. Any such written request should be sent certified mail to provide you with documentation that it was received. Although you can stop them from calling you, it does not prevent them from following up on other collection methods such as a lawsuit or wage garnishment.

If you or your family is being harassed by debt collectors we recommend you have a professional bankruptcy attorney in Chicago handle the situation for you. At Law Offices of David Freydin, we understand that being overwhelmed by debt is a very difficult and stressful situation. That is why we will work with you to stop the harassing calls. If you retain us as your lawyers, the debt collectors will contact us, not you. Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in the proper procedure to handle creditor harassment and solve your financial problems.

Tactics Used By Debt Collectors

Many individuals are unaware of what their rights are when being called by creditors. Collectors will use many methods to get people to make payment. Below are just a few methods used by unsavory debt collectors to watch out for.

  • Contact people you know more than once and ask about you.
  • Use obscene language when communicating with you.
  • Annoy you repeatedly over the phone.
  • Use false information about your situation when speaking to you, or anyone you know.
  • Advise your employer or people you know that you are in debt.
  • Use threats of violence or harm.
  • Post or publish a list of people who “refuse” to pay their debts.
  • Threaten to have you arrested.

Get Help from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago

Most people do not know that they have the right to sue a collection agency or individual in state or federal court for harassment. One of our knowledgeable attorneys can advise you on whether you have a case in this regard, as well as stop any continuing harassment.

Collection agencies can be aggressive and extremely upsetting to deal with. Living with the stress and worry of unpaid debt can be quite overwhelming. Our helpful staff can provide relief for you; contact us today to find out how.

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