Illinois Medical Debt and Bankruptcy


If you find that you’re drowning in a sea of unpaid medical debt, you need to talk to a Chicago bankruptcy attorney about your rights. The recession seems to be lingering like a bad cold over America and yet certain necessities still have to be paid no matter how bad the economy gets. The instances of unpaid medical bills have risen sharply, placing a beleaguered economy under even more strain.

The Commonwealth Fund reports that over 75 million Americans have unpaid medical bills and other medical debt, which could be why so many people are citing unpaid medical bills as the reason for declaring bankruptcy. The fact of the matter is that the cost of medical treatment has skyrocketed in comparison with income, and many people are struggling under a mountain of medical debt.

The two biggest reasons for unpaid medical bills are a direct consequence of the recession. People have either lost their medical insurance due to job loss or they are being forced to pay higher out of pocket medical expenses due to spiraling medical costs that are not covered by their existing insurance coverage. Statistics do not just paint a picture of the financial side of things: over 65 million Americans are going without needed health care because they fear the rising debt situation.

Unpaid medical bills leave people feeling decidedly sick, and there seems no end in sight for many Americans who struggle to pay their medical debt. It becomes a dangerous situation when people are forced to make more debt to cover medical debt, or when they are forced to cut necessities, such as food or mortgage payments to cover their unpaid medical bills. If you know that you will be unable to meet your payments on a medical debt, you need to talk to a good bankruptcy attorney immediately. Do not under any circumstances, use your credit cards to pay off your medical debt, you are creating a giant downward spiral of debt that will be almost impossible to get out of. If you can’t pay your medical bills now, there is little chance of you being able to pay your credit cards.

When it comes to unpaid medical bills you need to be harsh; don’t take things at face value. Question the bills; go through them carefully, you’d be surprised at the amount of “medical mistakes” that are made when it comes to billing. If you have a massive debt situation, then you should consider consulting a bankruptcy attorney to help you through the mess. The language of medicine is much like the language of law: complex, convoluted and seemingly incurable at times.

Bankruptcy may be the answer to unpaid debt and talking to a reputable bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago is the first step to complete financial health.