Bankruptcy Is Personal and Each Case is Unique


Each person filing for bankruptcy has a unique set of challenges. There are plenty of books and websites devoted to the topic but bankruptcy is not a one-size-fits-all venture. Only experienced bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge to confidently counsel clients as to what is best for them and their financial future. There are two types of bankruptcy and at times it is difficult to determine which one fits a person's needs and situation best. A bankruptcy attorney is the only person able to accurately advise individuals in bankruptcy law.

Before dismissing the need for bankruptcy attorneys, individuals wanting to file for bankruptcy should look at all the demands of bankruptcy and consider an attorney. Not only are attorneys knowledgeable about the law, they have years of experience negotiating with creditors on behalf of their clients. Each bankruptcy is different depending on the needs of the individual and only an attorney specializing in bankruptcy can determine what is best for a person's circumstances. Finally, the logistical issues of filing papers with the correct agencies can become a nightmare for someone new to bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy attorneys have developed quick and efficient systems to complete necessary paperwork and get it filed promptly.

Handling Creditors

After filing for bankruptcy the individual filing must participate in a meeting with their creditors. The creditors are allowed to question them about the details surrounding their assets and debts as well as their income. Bankruptcy attorneys can handle creditors, good and bad, in such a way as to protect their clients. Proceeding without an attorney is very risky and not recommended. Some creditors try to make deals outside of the hearing and only a lawyer is qualified to assess the deal's merit.

Filing Required Documents

Most bankruptcy cases require anywhere from thirty to sixty typed pages of forms be filed. Both federal and local agencies require separate items and forms from those filing and all of it must be filed accurately and on a specific timeline. Most bankruptcy attorneys have sophisticated computer systems to create and complete such forms and guarantee all forms will be delivered to the proper agencies by deadlines. Illinois residents attempting to handle a bankruptcy on their own often get overwhelmed by the paperwork and often complete in incorrectly.

It may be tempting to try and 'go it alone' when filing for bankruptcy but it is not a wise decision. Only bankruptcy attorneys have the skills and knowledge necessary to emerge from bankruptcy intact with a chance for a better financial future. With the pitfalls of crooked creditors and complicated forms individuals trying to handle a bankruptcy themselves are destined for disaster. By working with bankruptcy attorneys in Chicago individuals in financial trouble can rest assured they will recover.