Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and Senior Citizens


Senior citizens have always been notoriously diligent in paying their bills but recently Chicago bankruptcy attorneys have seen a rise in seniors being unable to pay their debts. While we still have a generation of seniors that believe in paying their debts (this may change in the future) they're finding it impossible to stay on top of them like they used to. Despite the emotional turmoil they feel, there is usually an easy solution in filing bankruptcy.

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and Rising Costs for Seniors

Medical bills and medical debt are some of the biggest culprits in senior citizens not being able to afford their bills. Healthcare and prescriptions have skyrocketed and insurance coverage is shrinking. It looks like the health crisis in America is only going to get worse and seniors who are facing more health issues and more bills can find immediate relief in filing bankruptcy. But there are some things to consider when filing bankruptcy, especially timing issues, and a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer should be consulted.

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer and Pre-Bankruptcy Steps

While filing for bankruptcy is definitely an option, seniors would be well advised to seek help before their financial situation spirals out of control. Ask for help from trusted attorneys, professionals, family members and friends; you're not asking them for a handout, but for help figuring out the best way to manage debt. Most seniors have shunned debt their whole lives and are uncomfortable with any debt.

A Chicago bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you through your debt crisis. If you're a senior citizen and if you need to file bankruptcy, an experienced bankruptcy attorney will guide you through the process.