Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Attorney


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer will be your trusted ally through the fight. Bankruptcy is a complex procedure that can have a profound impact on the filer's credit rating and can even result in the loss of assets. The safest way to deal with the situation is to have a professional with you. Here is a look at how you can choose the right bankruptcy attorney.

Ask for referrals: Talk to your friends about family members who may have been through a bankruptcy proceeding about attorneys they contacted and the services that were offered to them. Alternatively, you could simply browse online to find a bankruptcy attorney.

Bar associations: Another way to go about the process is to seek help from the local bar association. While they will not recommend a certain bankruptcy attorney, you can certainly find a list of all the bigwigs in the area. Whether you need to handle a personal or commercial bankruptcy procedure, you will find the names of several professionals through this source.

Set up a consultation: At this point, you should have the contact details of about 4 to 5 lawyers; set up a consultation with every bankruptcy attorney on your list. More often than not, the first consultation will be free and it will give you a gist of how things will be in the days to come. Do not shy away from asking questions.

Get all doubts clarified; an experienced attorney of some repute will have no issues patiently answering all your queries and explaining the bankruptcy procedure to you. He/ she should thoroughly understand your specific circumstances before proposing a solution. Also inquire about the experience that the bankruptcy attorney has in handling similar cases. Talk about the fees and how the lawyer can help to deal with creditors that are harassing you with constant calls.

Get references: Do not hesitate to ask for the contact details of past clients and do take the time to talk to these people, so you can get a fair idea of what to expect. Another way is to look for reviews about a bankruptcy attorney online. Most clients who feel that their case was inappropriately handled will be more than vocal with their complaints on internet forums.

Finally, choose a bankruptcy attorney based on your comfort level with the professional and the information that you have gathered. Ideally, you should only go for lawyers who have several years of experience with bankruptcy cases.