Rising Healthcare Costs Forcing Chicago Families To Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy lawyers can help families overwhelmed with debt, including healthcare costs, and can seek help from harassing creditors. With the current state of the economy, and the high unemployment rate in Chicago, many families have lost their health insurance and are now saddled with staggering medical bills. There is hope, bankruptcy laws were created to give individuals and families relief from unmanageable debt, including medical bills.

Some industry analysts believe that nearly 60% of all bankruptcies filed are by people with overwhelming medical bills. It is believed that the majority of individuals filing for bankruptcy today is from the middle-class and is well-educated homeowners who have lost their employment due to the economic downturn. Many of these people have thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills. A bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago can help those overcome with medical bills and debt choose the best plan of attack regardless of situation and circumstances. Sometimes in life, we all need someone on our side, someone with knowledge, compassion and integrity. Bankruptcy attorneys are advocates for their clients, helping them weed through all of the Federal and State bankruptcy laws.

People that have experienced a traumatic accident or face a chronic illness don’t need the additional stress of unpaid medical bills and collection agency calls. They need to focus on their health and wellness, and begin healing not only their physical bodies but their emotional bodies as well. Lawyers can help provide the relief they desperately need, helping to ensure that Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings are handled properly.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies have their benefits, and their drawbacks. Bankruptcy lawyers can help you make an informed decision in choosing which avenue is best for you. Generally Chapter 13 bankruptcies are file when individuals have a steady income, however cannot meet their current debts. It allows them to restructure debts into manageable monthly payments. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers must meet certain stringent criteria to file. The laws surrounding both classes of bankruptcies are complex; a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago is there to help navigate the tricky and often times confusing laws. The harassment of creditors trying to collect unpaid medical bills can stop; consult with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney today.