Three Reasons Why Illinois Residents File For Bankruptcy


There are numerous reasons to consider consulting a bankruptcy attorney. As we all know unexpected events occur and disrupt our lives without rhyme or reason. Generally these unforeseen events start a destructive financial cycle which could end in bankruptcy. Consulting with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney is the first step in stopping the cycle and facing the future financially free of crippling debts.

The Recession And Bankruptcy Statistics

Economic factors have brought many Americans to their knees when it comes to debt and finances. Many people that have been blessed to keep their jobs have had to accept pay cuts or loss of hours. Either situation results in individuals getting a paycheck that is lighter than it has been in years. Now with less income people find themselves robbing Peter to pay Paul, but that doesn’t work for very long. Next thing you know its food for the family vs. paying off credit cards; we all know who wins that war. This is when people begin thinking of consulting a bankruptcy attorney.

Consult A Bankruptcy Attorney For Medical Debt

Medical emergencies can arise at anytime and can result in thousands of dollars of medical debt. And if it's the primary breadwinner of the house that becomes sick, then the paycheck can stop too. Unfortunately this is another route that can end in declaring bankruptcy to eliminate the mountains of piled up debt.

Credit Card Debts

Credit card debt can become overwhelming and force people into a credit card bankruptcy. People can manage their credit card payments for years and the longer they maintain the payments the higher the limits are raised. Next thing you know the minimum payments have all doubled or tripled and you cannot keep up. Once the payments are late, the penalties start accruing and the interest rate is raised. In this situation many people have had no choice but to meet with a reputable Chicago bankruptcy attorney to protect their assets through bankruptcy.

Many of the reasons that can force people to consider bankruptcy are beyond their control. Evaluate your situation and if you decided that a personal bankruptcy is the only option to alleviate the excess debt in your life, then proceed with a bankruptcy attorney at your side.