Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and Debtor Education


One of the first things your Chicago bankruptcy attorney will explain is that filing for bankruptcy today comes with an education. Since the changes in bankruptcy law went into effect in 2005, bankruptcy counseling and debtor education is required. There is no wiggle room here and if you don't have certificates proving that you have completed these courses then you cannot move into the final stages of bankruptcy.

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and Pre-Debt Counseling

Pre-bankruptcy counseling is required by the federal government in an effort to help you determine if bankruptcy is really the best solution for your financial problems. There may be options you're unaware of that could help you get through a debt crisis without having to file for bankruptcy. You'll also learn some valuable money management skills that could help in the future.

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer and Post-Bankruptcy Counseling

A post-bankruptcy counseling class is required by the federal government in an effort to teach people how to manage their debt so they do not wind up in the same situation in the future. This is actually a great step in the right direction as prior to the 2005 Bankruptcy amendments, people just filed bankruptcy and were left on their own, many likely to repeat their bad financial habits. Your Chicago bankruptcy attorney may be qualified to instruct this course so make sure you ask them where they'd recommend you go for bankruptcy counseling.

For both of your required courses, make sure that you're going to an official counselor and that you'll get credit for the course and a certification, if you don't then you've wasted time and money. Your Chicago bankruptcy lawyer can help you find an approved counselor in your area or online.