Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and the Hardship Discharge


Your Chicago bankruptcy attorney will help you throughout your bankruptcy proceedings. From the first day you decide that a bankruptcy might be the road to take until all of your debts are discharged.

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and Chapter 13 Problems

If the bankruptcy courts have decided that you did not pass the means test and you are put into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy yet you still are having difficulties making the payments you should immediately talk to your Chicago bankruptcy attorney. If you cannot manage your Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment schedule, it is your Chicago bamkruptcy lawyer that will restructure your repayment plan as a first step.

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer and Chapter 13 Endings

If the restructuring of your Chapter 13 repayment plan isn't working there are two other approaches and ways to end your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can possibly have your Chapter 13 bankruptcy coverted to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Or you can ask for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy hardship discharge. A hardship discharge isn't available for people who have just filed for bankruptcy, it's for people that have made some payments toward their debt, typically as much as they would have had to pay if it was a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Getting a hardship discharge from a Chapter 13 debt is very difficult and doing so successfully will require the assistance of your Chicago bankruptcy attorney.